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Melinda Hess is a clairvoyant reader and healer with diverse talents and an equally diverse background.  In addition to her experience as a clairvoyant reader, Melinda is also a practicing attorney and singer. As such, Melinda brings tremendous life experience to her reading practice and provides guidance in all areas - career, personal and spiritual. Melinda has done readings for people from all walks of life - professionals, artists and entertainers, fellow psychics andhealers.

In addition to her private practice, Melinda is also affiliated with the Malibu Shaman, Malibu's only metaphysical retail boutique that offers psychic readings.  O riginally opened by Dick Sutphen and now owned by his son Scott Sutphen, Malibu Shaman has been Malibu's metaphysical "source" for twenty-three years and enjoys a diverse and interesting global clientele.

Melinda received extensive training in various clairvoyant reading and healing techniques at the Southern California Psychic Institute, the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and with fellow clairvoyant healers/readers Michael and Raphael Tamura (former Directors of the Berkeley Psychic Institute). 

Based in the Los Angeles area, Melinda is also a teacher of meditation and psychic development.  Melinda has done thousands of readings for clients throughout the United States, Canada, Western Europe and the Caribbean.

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From the moment I
met Melinda and heard her analysis of my situation, I understood that I was in the company of someone deeply in connection
with the universe and with herself.... 

Her wisdom and insight gave me clarity and compassion to deal with some intense people and situations in my life. 

I will always be appreciative of the fact that ... she helped me to remove obstacles and set myself up for success. 

Barbara B., Music Lawyer
Los Angeles, Ca.