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A good meditation technique should teach you how to create the proper partnership between your spirit and your body. In order to create and then manifest what you want in life, you have to learn how to create this partnership. 
This meditation method allows you as spirit to truly "inhabit" your body.  You learn how to ground and clear your aura and chakras, be in the "driver's seat" of the body, how to release limiting thought forms and energy patterns, how to recollect your own spirit energy that is outside the body, and how to "clean out" your energetic space on a daily basis by running earth and cosmic energies. 
 You will also learn how to say "hello" to your body and to protect it with a technique called "grounding".  You can also ground your car, work space, living space, pets, in order to calm down the energy around you. 
All of these methods are discussed on the Beginning Meditation CD.  As an added benefit, use of this meditation will enhance and promote your ownership of your own intuition and psychic abilities.  This makes your daily life more effortless, fun, and keeps you from taking on other people's "stuff".  You get to enjoy your own space and energy for yourself.  

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From the moment I
met Melinda and heard her analysis of my situation, I understood that I was in the company of someone deeply in connection
with the universe and with herself.... 

Her wisdom and insight gave me clarity and compassion to deal with some intense people and situations in my life. 

I will always be appreciative of the fact that ... she helped me to remove obstacles and set myself up for success. 

Barbara B., Music Lawyer
Los Angeles, Ca.

Melinda4.gif Testimonial:

"My readings with Melinda were so insightful and right on.
It helped me with my journey and making choices.

It gave me a peace
and calm in my heart and a confidence to move forward with creative ventures."

Victoria Davis,
Victoria Davis Photography, Los Angeles, Ca.