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Melinda has over twenty years experience providing psychic readings.  Melinda's readings focus on your own "present time" choices and how you set the energy for your present as well as your future. 

Melinda's philosophy is that your life is a movie, you are the filmmaker, you have choices to make that will determine your future.  While there are certain events, challenges and people we encounter in life who are "predestined", you determined those things before your own birth to create your opportunities for growth and change in this lifetime. 

As such we all have a "life plan" or "template" (i.e. like an architectural blueprint) that we have created designed to provide the opportunities for growth that we require as spirit.  You also have spirit guides, angels and archangels who assist you in this process before, during and after each lifetime.  

Your reading with Melinda will include an overview of your life plan, as well as the issues/choices you face in present time. You can also ask about other people in your life, organizations, properties (whether to buy or sell), jobs and  business opportunities, relationships and children. 

There are no questions that are off-limits.  However, keep in mind that you and the people you ask about always have their  own free will, and can change course at any given moment.  Questions are reviewed based upon the energy Melinda sees in present time between you and people you ask about.     

Melinda also "sees" and "hears" spirits and communicates with those who have passed on, as well as spirit guides and angels. Melinda also reads animal spirits and pets and can provide readings for animals if desired.   

Healing work may also be performed in the course of a reading session on the readee or another person at the readee's request.  

Before your session, please take a few moments to write down the specific issues and questions you want to address with Melinda.  This helps you to focus on your goals for the reading/healing session.

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From the moment I
met Melinda and heard her analysis of my situation, I understood that I was in the company of someone deeply in connection
with the universe and with herself.... 

Her wisdom and insight gave me clarity and compassion to deal with some intense people and situations in my life. 

I will always be appreciative of the fact that ... she helped me to remove obstacles and set myself up for success. 

Barbara B., Music Lawyer
Los Angeles, Ca.


"Melinda's readings
are amazing! During
my first reading,
I asked about the
future of my raw food
delivery service.
Melinda "saw" that a
young man named
"Dan" or "Danny"
would be helpful in the
day-to-day operations
of my business and
that I should be open
to accepting his help.

A few weeks later, a
young man named
Danny called me in
response to a job ad
that I don't even
remember posting.
He has been my head
chef for the last two

Thank you Melinda!"

Matt Amsden
executive chef- RAWvolution.
author of "RAWvolution Gourmet Living Cuisine".