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At first ...I was skeptical, ... I wasn't really sure if you were the "real thing" when it came to psychic readings. I doubt no more. Your readings for me have enriched my life because I no longer fear my future, but rather look forward to it! ... thank you so much Melinda. You are really heaven sent!
 ~ Sincerely, ...M. L., Mother/Homemaker, Los Angeles, Ca.

It was such a blessing meeting you last weekend.  You read for my husband and I, and it was just exactly what we needed on so many levels!  We'll be calling again in the future. I most definitely had a deja vu with you.  It doesn't happen often, and I treasure those connections when they happen.  You are a very special lady!
 ~ Love and Light...T.B., Santa Monica, CA

I just wanted to let you know how right you are in your readings, not that you need any confirmation. I must say in all the years I have been dealing with "you people" you are by far the most accurate.  
 ~ G.B.  Jackson, MS

Thank you so much for taking the time to read for me this morning. I received a lot of good confirmation and new ideas that I am excited about looking into which will help further my growth.  Many Thanks!
 ~ K.L. Roseville, CA

Thank you so much for the session yesterday. It was more than helpful and much appreciated. As I told are the real deal!!!
 ~ xxooxx D.A. Malibu, CA

I really enjoyed the reading you did last night for me. Everything felt so true, and confirmed a lot of things that I have felt myself. I have been taking some classes in psychic development, and your reading helped to give me the confidence I need to continue this work. I hope to speak with you in the future, and will be recommending you to friends
( So, don't be surprised if you get calls from western Pa.! )
 ~ A.G. Pittsburg, PA

I just wanted to thank you for my reading yesterday. A lot of it, I felt, but am glad to have it confirmed. Sometimes, I find it hard when I am only sensing something but I can't confirm it.
Thank you again for everything!
 ~ S.M., Los Angeles, CA

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From the moment I
met Melinda and heard her analysis of my situation, I understood that I was in the company of someone deeply in connection
with the universe and with herself.... 

Her wisdom and insight gave me clarity and compassion to deal with some intense people and situations in my life. 

I will always be appreciative of the fact that ... she helped me to remove obstacles and set myself up for success. 

Barbara B., Music Lawyer
Los Angeles, Ca.